Plastic Surgery - Health and Beauty

Plastic Surgery knows two scopes: On the one hand plastic reconstructive surgery for the recovery of the functioning surface of the body or organs after traumas or deformities. On the other the plastic corrective surgery for optimising the aesthetic-cosmetic aspect.
The head and throat area in particular requires special knowledge and skills at the hands of the physician because of its local exposure and its anatomic and functional characteristics.

Our service offer for plastic surgery includes corrections of the inner and outer nose (crooked nose, potato nose, saddle nose, deformities of the tip of the nose and/or the wings of the nose, long, short or broad nose), corrections of the lids, surgery of deformations of the outer ear with sticking-out ears or asymmetrical ears or mutated earlobes.

Dr. Kirsten Aigner possesses extensive surgery experience and is distinguished by her additional qualification in plastic surgery for the head and throat area.
Continuous further training and skill enhancement on an international top level and a distinct sense for proportions and an individual aesthetic provide the base for successful plastic surgery.

Besides plastic surgery we also conduct aesthetic corrections.
These foremost pertain to wrinkles and scars and are conducted by administering wrinkle injections containing hyaluronic acid preparations or by using botox injections to diminish mimically caused wrinkles.