Allergies and Environment - Mind and Body

Allergies are diagnosed with the help of blood and skin tests.
There are also other methods to diagnose an allergy.
We offer you the complete spectrum of diagnostics regarding the whole respiratory system (nose, sinuses and bronchial tubes): prick test, epicutane test (to diagnose a skin contact allergy), method of provocation (to diagnose allergic rhino-conjunctivitis by means of rhinomanometry, to diagnose allergic bronchial asthma, as well as (RAST) blood test.

After a thorough diagnosis we can offer you a carefully balanced therapeuthical program, which is especially tailored to your personal needs:
Ranging from selected medication for the alleviation of allergic symptoms to laser-therapy or radio-frequency therapy to shrinking the nasal conchae to different forms of specific immunotherapy (hyposensitisation).

This immunotherapy is recommended as a causal therapy to prevent an allergic march of the symptoms so the ailments, which center at first in the region of the upper respiratory tracts (nose and sinuses), don? extend to the lower respiratory tracts (bronchi, lungs) and as a consequence turn into allergic bronchial asthma.

Therefore, the most modern highly purified allergens and allergoids are available which are administered either subcutaneously by syringes or as drops or tablets by way of the mucosae.
Alternative forms of treatment can also be combined or used supplementary, such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and autohaemotherapy.