The Ear - Hearing and Perceiving

Diseases of the ear are diagnosed first of all by a precise ear microscopy.
If necessary, further special examinations, which comprise the whole spectrum of modern neuro-otologic functional analysis, will be conducted (different hearing tests include the determination of the auditory threshold, measurement of  the oscillation abilities of the tympanic membrane/ear drum and the reflexes of the tympanum, testing of the internal ear? sensory cells and deduction of the stimulation of the acoustic nerves as well as the irritation of the vestibular system).

After precise localisation of the dysfunction we will initiate the best suited therapy for you. Here we use the whole range of available concepts of treatment:
These concepts vary from an out-patient medicinal therapy to a daily infusion therapy to improve blood circulation of the inner ear as well as the vestibular system. This can also include alternative methods such as magnetic field therapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM including acupuncture) and the hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
In case of a necessary surgical procedure we counsel you in detail about the possibilities of treatment and provide you with specific information concerning potential risks and complications.

By means of responsible treatment of the sensitive ear organ, one can prevent many  discomforts.