Our throat - a marvel of functionality

As a connection between the head and the torso, the throat is an eminently important body organ which includes motor and sensory qualities.
Due to a large number of reflexes and sensory cells, head and throat are more sensitive to pain. Their exposed location makes them more prone to diseases and symptoms than other body parts.

For the examination of the inner and outer throat we use the latest medical technology. Afflictions and mutations concerning the whole throat and pharynx area, as well as the larynx, are diagnosed by us microscopically, endoscopically and/or sonographically.
With the help of this uncomplicated examination all disorders in/of the throat area can be diagnosed fast and safely:
Afflictions of the pharynx, like bacterial or viral inflammation (pharyngitis), of  the tonsils (tonsillitis), enlargement of the pharyngeals (adenoids) especially in children, afflictions of the larynx and the respiratory system, acute and chronic enlargements of the lymphatic nodes, afflictions of the salivary gland, cysts, fistulae and lipomas as well as skin mutations and disease of the thyroid (thyropathy).
We conduct all our examinations with a high degree of sensitivity towards the patient.