The Nose - Perception and Orientation

Apart from its capability to perceive even the subtlest of smells, by way of the nasal cavity, our nose has a direct connection with the pharynx. The respiratory air flows through the nose into the pharynx. The importance of a well-functioning nose comes to our attention especially when dysfunctions occur as a result of a cold or other diseases:
Dysfunctions manifest themselves for example as impedimented nasal respiration, continuous dryness including the formation of crusts, watery catarrh or even nose bleeds. These dysfunctions can be triggered by allergies, bacterial or viral infections or other irritants.
Diseases, like an infection of the sinuses, frequent infections or the formation of polyps very often cause a reduced sense of smell, headaches, fatigue and a general feeling of illness.
For instance, the swelling of the nasal membrane due to allergies or infections causes an obstruction of the respiratory passage. As a consequence the sense of smell and taste are strongly affected, the voice is impaired and sounds nasal.

With regular prophylaxis and selective anti-allergy therapy, which builds up the immune system, we can help you prevent unpleasant nasal diseases and afflictions of the sinuses.

In order to guarantee optimal aeration of the nose and the sinuses surgical intervention might be necessary:
In this case, for example, we use sophisticated techniques such as laser radio frequency therapy to reduce the nasal conchae.

Using local anaesthetic this can be performed on outpatients, without pain or complications.
If there is an additional defective position of the nasal septum and / or chronic infections of the sinuses we conduct surgical interventions under general anesthetic at our hospital.
By choosing the optimal and appropriate therapy, we promise to treat your chronic diseases as successfully as possible.