History - Team - Philosophy

Our practice at centrally located Stachus was founded by Dr. Gerhard Wolfram in 1971 as an additional location to his private hospital in München-Solln.
Dr. Peter Inoka joined the practice in 1989, in 1999 Dr. Uwe Hölscher joined the practice after Dr. Wolfram's retirement.
Dr. Peter Inoka and Dr. Uwe Hölscher headed the group practice for over seven years until April 2006, when Dr. Kirsten Aigner officially replaced Dr. Inoka.
With her additional professional skills in the field of  plastic surgery, Dr. Kirsten Aigner extends and enriches the scope and skills of our medical team.

The key feature of our philosophy above all, is our openness towards all possible therapeutical alternatives. We continually broaden our medical knowledge and keep up to date with the latest research regarding national and international advanced training and attending conferences. This is done to provide our patients with the optimal prophylaxis and to guarantee them the fastest and most effective form of convalescence in cases of disease. Nowadays especially chronic diseases can be treated with the help of new therapies and an open-minded attitude towards innovative, alternative treatments.