Dear Patients

Curarum vacuus hunc adeas locum, ut morborum vacuus abire queas; non curatur, qui curat - may you enter this place free of all worries therefore rid of diseases may you leave it; he who has worries will not be healed.

These words reflect an inscription found on the entrances of thermal baths in Rome during the times of Antonius Pius (2nd century A.D.).
Let us free you from your maladies and experience the combination optimum wellbeing, evident high-quality and professional class as our distinctive calling card.

Dr. med. Kirsten Aigner as practicing physician of the practice HNO am Stachus cordially welcomes you.
It is of real importance to me that you feel you are in good hands and are well informed in my practice before I can respond to your particular needs during a one-to-one interview.

Your Kirsten Aigner